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Just like art seeks its origin in inspiration, we look for perfection in the soil, in our fields; after all, what can surpass nature’s perfection? That is why we assume with passion the commitment of practicing a sustainable agriculture, an arduous job whose major recognition materializes in Terraneo Tequila.
Dare to discover the roots of the authentic tequila, learn the rigorous process we follow every single day.


In Bioagrotecnia del Pacífico®, the sole supplier of agaves for Destilería Casa de Piedra, agave is cultivated without the use of herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers. With a process that protects the soil, the ecosystem that surrounds it and, of course, the purity of the tequila.


Having previously selected them, we harvest agaves when they turn between seven and eight years old, time it takes to reach their perfect maturity. We leave in the field the residual vegetable bedding to use as natural fertilizer, therefore preserving the earth.


We then take the piñas (agave hearts) to the distillery in order to properly wash them thoroughly and eliminate residues like soil, insects, or other elements that can alter the flavor and the properties of the tequila.


After splitting them in half or in pieces, we place them in stone lined ovens, designed specifically for this process, cooked in pressurized steam for 24 hours at a temperature of 203 degrees Fahrenheit.


Once cooked, we let the agaves cool at room temperature. After, we mill and press them four different times in order to extract the exact portion of juice and syrups.


We transport the juice to fermentation tanks, where we add especially selected yeast by Casa de Piedra that adds a personal and distinctive touch to the tequila’s flavor.


Once finished with the fermentation process, we distill the mix in our stills in order to remove impurities and refine its body. Afterwards, we pass the liquid through a second distillation in order to obtain premium tequila.


After making sure that it complies with the different rigorous quality controls, we bottle the tequila by hand.

Wisdom and mystique:

Our expert taster

In Casa de Piedra we have challenged and encountered our own perfection thanks to Gabriel Espíndola, our Master tequilier, whom in his more than 40 years of industry experience has rediscovered the natural concept of the tequila starting with his organoleptic curiosity and passion for excellence.

Like the alchemist that seeks the elixir of life, Espíndola demonstrates skill and knowledge provided by his impeccable trajectory in order to select the raw material and determine the exact time of cooking and steps of milling. He utilizes baroque music in the fermentation process in order to grant particular properties to the beverage, while in distillation he tunes the last of details, which give life and name to his tequila masterpiece.
In Mexico, Espíndola is considered one of the best in the industry. Guardian of detail, insatiable perfectionist, agave artist, that is our expert taster, who pours his heart and soul in all the processes required for the production of Terraneo Tequila, making sure that his knowledge, experience, and artistic sensibility ratify our passion for the art of the authentic tequila.